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Accessories are a main attraction here at The SB Brand.

We work to find and curate the most unique, fun, and trendy accessories to amp up your look.


Our CONNECTED" Pinky Ring is the type of accessory for the most creative of individuals.

Able to be worn in various ways, it can be worn on the pinky and ring finger, or the ring finger and middle finger.

Either way, it is one of the most creative pieces that you can add that gives just the right touch and character to your look.

It's perfect for layering, as it adds just a little bit of character to your look.

It also looks amazing with our JOINED bracelet.

Edgy, shiekh, unique, and fashion forward, it is the perfect accessory to pair with your look.



*Faux Metal

*Double finger connection

CONNECTED 2-Finger Ring

$4.99 Regular Price
$4.49Sale Price
Only 2 left in stock
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