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Not one to cover my face, but there are times that covering your face just a little bit helps to open it up.

The "ROUND THE WAY" Retro Glasses are a first class ticket to revealing all of the best features on your face.

Fun, funky, edgy, and grand, they are so versatile and necessary.

Their rounded shape brings out the eyes and cheekbones, adding a little bit of edge to a refined appearance.


*Pictured with our "REMEMBERED" Plaid Shirt and "MAZE" Geometric Shirt Dress on our Boutique Pieces page.

*Also available in CHAMPAGNE on our Accessories Page.


MATERIAL - Plastic 



The "ROUND THE WAY" Retro Glasses - BLACK

$11.99 Regular Price
$10.19Sale Price
Color: Black
Only 3 left in stock
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