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The Story of The SB Brand

The SB Brand is a carefully crafted collection of items that all reflect the aethestic and creative nature of its originator, Shaunee Brannan.

A fashion, faith, and family blogger, Shaunee has had her hand in the fashion space for quite some time with blogging and design and consultation work for other companies and businesses.

Born into a family of fashionable women, her eye for putting things together was cultivated early.

And having a mother as a seamstress that insisted on making all of her and her sister's clothes, it was only a matter of time before Shaunee was taught to create her own designs.

In an effort to have creative control and give culture to the fashion world, The SB Brand was birthed in response to a quickly growing vision.

The SB Brand desires to provide a way for women to capture the beauty of femininity, while also showing all of the layers that can exist in one individual, sometimes all in one look.

There is a thin line between modesty and the sexuality of femininity.  The SB Brand has found a way to honor that line with balance and honor to capture the distinct differences in what makes a man masculine, and a woman feminine.

This is not just about making and selling clothes.

Its about sending a message and a mood with every look.

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