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Every piece offered by The SB Brand are hand selected, curated pieces that collectively reflect the most trendy, funky, and unique pieces for the modern woman.


Long before The SB Brand was a store, the owner did a fashion blog featuring the "3D Polka Dot Cocoon Blazer".  It was one of the pieces that she received the most inquiries regarding.

Now that we are able to have it in stock, you also can fall in love with this garment.

It is what we consider effortless comfort that is also fun and trendy.  

Able to be dressed up or down, worn as an indoor or outdoor garment, its lightweight and can transition from season to season.

It has a cocoon shaped design and an oversized wear appeal.

Pair it any number of ways, none will dissapoint!


*Also pictured with our "REALLY COOL" Cropped Gauchos, and our "IN THE POCKET" Pants on our Boutique Page,

*Also pictured with our "ROUND THE WAY" Glasses on our Accessories Page.


MATERIAL - Polyester Blend



Body - ONE SIZE - Free Wear

(Actual Measurements shown in photos section)

3D Polka Dot Cocoon Blazer - Black

$70.00 Regular Price
$59.50Sale Price
Color: Black
Only 2 left in stock
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