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The SB Brand has signature pieces that are imagined, designed, and created by its owner.

They are exclusive pieces that are made in limited quantities and are one of a kind finds.


Our "VERY MUCH VINTAGE" Color Block Cocoon Duster gives the wearer all the feels of a the 70's with a very intentional edge of the new millineum.

The color scheme of dark teal, burgundy, and ivory woven throughout produces a rich and sophisticated elegance.

While the diamond print pattern plays on the eye as the color block design adds another layer of the difference that The SB Brand aspires to give its customers when purchasing custom pieces.

As promised, this is a one of a kind piece. There is not another one made, nor will there be.


We don't just design and create here at The SB Brand, we are designing and creating a mood and experience with every look.



*Length - 60 inches from nape of neck to hem

*Width - 40 inches measuring armpit to armpit




MATERIAL - Textured Acetate and Poly Blend

*Dry Clean Only

*Do not recommend ironing. If ironed, must be on the lowest temperature without prolonged contact to the garment.

*Steaming recommended for wrinkles




"VERY MUCH VINTAGE" Color Block Cocoon Duster

Color: Red
Out of Stock
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