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The SB Brand has signature pieces that are imagined, designed, and created by its owner.

They are exclusive pieces that are made in limited quantities and are one of a kind finds.

The Throw 'n' Go Collection consists of Kimono Dusters that were hand sewn, and made by SB from throw blankets.


Our "Vintage Crochet" Throw 'n' Go Duster was the inspiration for the entire collection.

It is a rich shade of burgundy/brick red, ivory, and hunter green,  granny square crochet.

It has the slight weight of a throw blanket, but the airy freeness of open-knit crochet.

It is perfect for year round wear depending on what you wear underneath.

It has all the nostaligia of vintage looks from the 70's, but with modern materials.

It not only looks rich, but incredibly classy, cool, but has all the feels of the retro/boho era.

Pair with jeans, cut-off shorts, or a body-con.  Either way this is a conversation piece and in need of a lady that understands that they've struck gold with this find.

We don't just design and create here at The SB Brand, we are designing and creating a mood and experience with every look.


*Only two versions of this garment were made for sale.  LONG and SHORT version


*This is a custom, hand-made piece.  As a result, it does not have the finishing of a manufactured product.  It is crochet, so you may find a few snags or inconsistencies that are found with custom garments created from this type of material.  

However, it has been inspected thoroughly, and has been created with love and attention.




*Length - 42 inches from nape of neck to hem

*Width - 401 inches measuring armpit to armpit



*MATERIAL - 100% Cotton Blend Crochet

*Dry Clean Only or Spot Clean Only 


VINTAGE CROCHET - Throw 'n' Go Collection (LONG)

$125.00 Regular Price
$112.50Sale Price
Color: Red
Only 1 left in stock
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