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As promised, and highly anticipated, our "SPLIT DECISIONS" Feather Fedora is just in time for the fall and winter seasons.

It incorporates an ivory and black color block detailing, with 3D elements of design that elevate this hat as a statement piece.

It has a tri-fold, braided cord that is comprised of weighted, naval rope that circles the base of the hat.

The final touch is a handmade mini feather fascinator that decorates the side of the hat.

So far there have only been two made.

And though similar, each one is different to provide our customers with an exclusive, custom experience.

We don't just design and create here at The SB Brand, we are designing and creating a mood and experience with every look.


MATERIAL - Wool/Felt Blend. Metal & Feather Fascinator


MEASUREMENT: 22.83 inches internal rim


*Please note that these are custom designs that are hand created.  As a result, design detailing may vary.  Please pay attention to the stand alone photos of the hat itself for a direct reflection of the hat that is being sold in this particular listing.

The model photos are used for a style reference, but may/may not be the exact hat that you will receive.  However, each production will be a comparable in design and style.  


Color: Black
Out of Stock
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