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Promised some time ago and now available, our"POP" Collection represents the core and signature of The SB Brand.


The "POP" Collection stands for "PRINTS of PEACE", and is a signature design by The SB Brand.

It is an originally designed and handmade oversized kimono that incorporates dropped armholes for a peek-a-boo effect underneath.

Made with three different shades of african, embroidered, lace based fabric, the beautiful color combinations provide a vintage feel that The SB Brand is known for.

Very boho, 70's, and comfortable, they are show stoppers.

Each shade represents a different mood and feeling, but each one has a regal, yet vintage feel that looks rich.

They can be worn in all four seasons depending on your pairing.

Because our custom pieces are meant to be exclusive, unique, and one of a kind, only limited quantities of each will be made to provide an exclusive experience to the owner.


MATERIAL - Embroidered, African Lace



Body - ONE SIZE - Free Wear

Length: 48.5 inches (measuring down the back of the garment)


"POP" Prints of Peace Kimono Collection -BERRY

$104.99 Regular Price
$73.49Sale Price
Color: BERRY
Only 1 left in stock
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